Professional & Client Testimonials

  • Jeeze, that’s good! I even like the format…easy to navigate. I wouldn’t recommend changing the substance at all. Nice work and a great job on this!

  • Great news! I was hired by a professional computer consulting firm in the Chicago area with full medical.dental benefits, 401k plan and a $50K salary to start. With that, I owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude and thanks for your hard work and professional product. I’ll continue to provide you with referrals from my vast business network when they occur.

  • I’ve know Patricia for several years, and without a doubt, her genuine interest, commitment, and dedication to see her clients succeed is why she is sought out for her expertise in the “careers” industry. Patricia invests in herself to enhance her own professional growth as a career expert and the results she delivers to her clients is why she is sought out by them.

  • Patricia is a grammar, editing, and MS Office guru which makes her someone you can always trust to make the document look great, sound great, and be correct. Patricia has stepped up to the plate in her affiliation with CDI on numerous occasions, helping us to create and format the CDI Resume Certification Guide, which included her developing all the step-by-step screen shots on formatting using MS Word. Patricia is hard working, giving, outgoing, self-motivated, and a solid team player. She has definitive answers and is a great asset!

  • Pat is a fantastic writer. She has a great way with the written word! She care about her clients and will spend as much time as she needs to so she will understand their needs and determine the best way for her to help them. There is no doubt in my mind that, if I needed a professional writer for any project, I would want Pat!

  • As the Director of Certifications for Career Directors International, I am fortunate to have Patricia on my team as she evaluates candidates’ suitability for certification, scrutinizes resumes samples intensely, and goes above-and-beyond the call of duty to find grammatical, syntax, punctuation and other communication flaws that can stop a job seeker’s momentum in its tracks. Patricia’s extensive feedback to candidates gives each professional resume writer encouragement and opportunities to improve their professional practice. Only an individual of great knowledge and experience can be in a position to provide such in-depth advice and Patricia clearly has those talents in abundance.

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