Web Resume (Resume Spotlight)
Web Resume (Resume Spotlight)
  • 6-month hosting of web resume on ResumeSpotlight.com
  • MS Word, PDF, GIF, ASCII formats
  • Link to your email address

Have you ever been at an event, business or social, and have come across a potential job or business lead requiring you to submit your resume?

Chances are that you didn’t have your resume handy and had to wait several hours if not days before delivering the document to your newfound contact. By then, that hot lead you had has significantly cooled down, potentially costing you that opportunity for which you’ve been waiting.

With a web resume, you’ll never have to worry about that problem again. Thanks to the age of smart phones and tablets, getting your resume into the hands of a new-found networking contact can be swift and easy when you sign up for a web resume.

Your new web resume,  hosted at www.resumespotlight.com, consists of a GIF (which makes it undetectable by search engines), MS Word format, a PDF, and an ATS (applicant tracking system) compatible text format perfect for appropriate online submissions.

Your personal site also includes a link for prospective employers to email you.

Your web hosting package includes six months of hosting (with low-cost renewals in blocks of six months available), This service is usually up and running within two business days, and your personalized web address will typically consist of your first initial and last name, e.g. www.resumespotlight.con/pduckers

View a sample web résumé.


How to Order

1. Select and pay for your service (the order button is below).

2. Upload your resume to Prism Writing Services using this secured link.

3. You will receive an email from Prism Writing Services with your new web resume link which will be active for six months.

4. If you wish to renew, you must do so before the six month period is over in order to qualify for any reduced pricing on an extension. Failure to do so will result in your project being treated as a new project if you decide to renew after your expiration date.

Resume Spotlight.com is a third-party service provider used by Prism Writing Services for the purpose of providing clients with a web resume.