Congratulations on getting the interview!

Your next step is to make sure you’re thoroughly prepared regarding what questions to anticipate, how to get on the same page with your interviewer(s) and how to drive home that you are indeed the right candidate for the job.

This three-part program will give you the confidence you need to prepare an interview presentation that leaves a favorable, lasting impression.

Step 1: Interviewing Insights Class
Meet online one-on-one with your coach who will cover a wide range of interview-related topics such as…

*Identifying the different question types;
*Recognizing the interviewer’s desired communication style;
*Establishing rapport;
*Building a strong introductory statement;
*Anticipating what questions you might be asked;
*and more

This class is conducted as an interactive presentation style. A high-speed internet connection and access to a phone line (or you may use your headset with a microphone) is necessary. The class material is customized as much as possible to each client, and runs approximately one hour.

Step 2: The Practice Interview

In the second session, we conduct a recorded, mock interview by phone consisting of approximately six to eight carefully selected questions designed to reinforce your skills in various areas such as identifying the interviewer’s style, handling rapid-fire questioning and more.

This segment lasts approximately 30-45 minutes, depending on the client’s responses. For best results, the client is urged to prepare for the practice interview, just as he/she would for a live interview

Step 3: The Practice Interview Review

The client and the interview coach will review the client’s audio responses via telephone. The client will have an opportunity to offer feedback on his/her performance first; the coach will then deliver feedback on length, quality, wind-ups, wordiness and other issues that normally sabotage an answer.

The coach will also offer constructive feedback to help the client be more aware of habitual interviewing pitfalls.

Additional Information

*This program must be completed within 14 calendar days from commencement. If the program is not completed within this time, there will be a $75 re-activation fee when the client is ready to complete the program.

*There will be a $95 no-show fee charged to the client who fails to advise in writing or by telephone of a change of plans within four hours of the scheduled meeting.
*This program is nonrefundable.

*By signing up for this program, the client acknowledges that he/she understands the practice interview will be recorded for individual training purposes only.

*The mock interview review session, which is also recorded, is available for 21 days after the mock interview review has been conducted live. You will receive a special access code to listen to your recording.


In a Rush?

The Interviewing Insights Class (Step 1) is available as a stand-alone option.