Frequently Asked Questions

What occupations have you written for?
Can you meet my deadline?
Why are you the right resume service for me?
I showed my resume to my friend/spouse/co-worker who had some suggestions I’d like made.
I would like to speak to some of your past clients before I commit to your service.
Can I view examples of your work specific to my occupation?
Do you offer any guarantees for interviews/employment?
Where are you located? Can I make an appointment to see you?
I found a mistake in a document you prepared for me. Now what?
If I sign up, how will I know where you are in the process? Can I get a daily progress report?
Why are your prices so much higher than the local secretarial service down the road or this other service I found online?
How do I pay for my services?
Do you give refunds if I change my mind or get a job while my resume is being developed?
Is that $95 reactivation fee the only fee I'll have to pay if I return to resume working with you on a project placed on hold?
Why do you charge a $35 administration fee if I cancelled my project before we did any work together?
I really want to use your service, but I can’t afford your prices. Can we negotiate a discount on my resume?
Can I pay for my services in installments?
Can I get a discount if I pay the full amount upfront?
Will I get printed copies of my documents?
I just want a general and informed opinion on my resume/LinkedIn profile. That’s a free service, right?
I'm interested in booking you to appear at a job fair/classroom presentation. How do I go about doing that?
I'm a human resources manager for a company that's about to downsize several employees. Do you offer corporate packages for situations such as these?
Why haven't you listed all of your prices for just the resume services offered?